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Switch to custom design, premium finish with the iSauna team!

Every concept is unique, just like your iSauna wellness sauna house.

Whether it's your property, your waterfront plot, your garden or your terrace, we can design your sauna house to suit your individuality!

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Our Family Manufactory opened its doors in 2004

In the beginning, the main profile of our company was the production and sale of individual indoor & outdoor saunas. Later on, the idea of wellness sauna houses or comfort sauna houses was more and more frequently raised among the market demands. Thanks to the outstanding designers and experienced professionals of our company, we have managed to open a new dimension in the chapter of building a unique outdoor sauna house.

Thanks to our re-thought production technology, we now offer our customers top quality thanks to the most innovative technologies, industrial-grade machinery, digital quality control systems and customised solutions. As a symbol of our manufactory's 18 years of international experience, we wanted to give our beloved customers something truly complex. This is how the NEW iSauna Design Home range was born.

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On-site survey

We provide a free on-site survey in case of order.


Conscious planning

Our engineering design team will design your new mobile home with unique creativity.


Precise implementation

Our experts use modern mechanised technology to build our mobile homes.


Turnkey installation

We deliver our products turnkey with fast on-site work.

Total comfort

The 4-season usability of the building is guaranteed by state-of-the-art insulation, glazing, shading techniques, modern mobile air-conditioning and energy-efficient electric underfloor heating!

Professional windows and doors 

Access is provided by aluminium sliding door systems, which not only provide longevity and a modern look, but also a great panoramic view!

Premium raw materials

We use high quality materials for the construction of houses at the structural level, as well as for cladding, shading and all wood elements, providing durability and premium composition for our customers.

The idea was born

Your vision is the first step, complemented by great ideas from our highly skilled professionals.

Planning and realization

Conscious planning is inevitable for a premium, modern holiday home or sauna house.

An enjoyable holiday

Our completed houses and holiday homes, complete with wellness features, ensure a relaxing holiday experience!

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